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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Beloved of Jesus

Then the other disciple (the disciple whom Jesus loved) also went in, the one who had arrived at the tomb first, and he saw and believed. - John 20:8

St. John was perhaps the youngest of all the disciples of Jesus, and he was also the last to die. There are several books of scripture attributed to him or at least to his followers who would most certainly have been speaking what they had learned at the feet of St. John, these books being the Gospel of John, the 3 epistles of John, and the Apocalypse (The Revelation). When John first is called by Jesus he is probably no more than a teenager, full of energy, quick tempered, and quite the zealot. These characteristics are noticeable in St. John when we see him asking for a place of honor in the kingdom, however, St. John matures into a man with great humility. This humility is evidenced by the fact that he allowed St. Peter, the chief of the Apostles appointed by Christ, to enter the tomb first even though St. John had arrived at the tomb first.

John is referred to as "the disciple whom Jesus loved." St. John was particularly beloved by Jesus and vice versa. This is evidenced by the fact that St. John was the only one of the twelve present at the crucifixion. It is also St. John who is given charge of the care of the Blessed Mother by Jesus as he is dying on the cross. Our Lady lived with St. John in Ephesus until her death and Assumption.

But if we take a close look at the Gospel of St. John, we are able to find that we are the "beloved disciple" as well. We, in reading the Passion narratives in the gospels are present with Jesus all the way to the crucifixion. Jesus looks down from the cross and gives his mother to us as well, so it is up to us to open our hearts to receive her as Jesus wished. And when we first read the account of St. John and St. Peter running to the tomb, and we find it is empty with the burial cloths still there, we believe. Today, thank God for the gift that is the beloved disciple, and pray for the grace to live for Jesus according to St. John's example.

Holy Father John, pray for us.


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